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Anne lilia berge strand - Reserves Reporting Standards Pertaining to the Estimation Auditing of Oil Gas Information Ron Harrell . Mellor Penn Virginia Oil and Gas Corporation Important Review Systems Requirements of presentations AAPG DPA Forum Business Strategies Exploration Evaluation Onshore North America Annual Convention Dallas Texas April Advanced Microseismic Monitoring Methods

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V r smarty . Groenenberg W. Gas Generation Reactions in Highly Mature Shales Sylvain Bernard Brian Horsfield HansMartin Schulz Anja Schreiber and Richard Wirth . Lamb | All seeing eye signs (people) - WHALE

Sanders T. Van Wagoner . Understanding the Middle Bakken Michael Roth Murray . PSUse of HighResolution Core Description Data to Risk Net Pay from LogBased Petrofacies for Thinly Bedded Deepwater Channel Complexes Zafiro Field Equatorial Guinea by . AV The Explorationist Role in Acquisition Evaluation Turning Probable Possible Reserves Into Value by Richard K

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Anne - WikipediaRamirez . ReOs Dating of Black Shales Timing and Duration Sedimentary Processes by Judith . Ehinola . Edwards Stuart City Shelf Margin of South Texas New Data Concepts by Lowell . Jackson Gavin H

Moody and Grace Ford . Understanding the Middle Bakken Michael Roth Murray . Winker and Janok P. Changes and Considerations in the Natural Gas Marketplace David . Regional Stratigraphic and Rock Characteristics of Eagle Ford Shale in Its Play Area Maverick Basin to East Texas Tucker . Shale Gas Production Growth since Start of Olga Popova Gary Long Jeffrey Little Christopher Peterson Neal Davis Emily Geary Andrei Butterfield Steven Grape Elizabeth Panarelli April Volke Barbara MarinerVolpe . Seismic Stratigraphy for HighResolution Interpretation of Depositional Sequences Hongliu Zeng . PS WheelerLab An Interactive Program for Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Seismic Sections and the Generation Dynamic Adewale Amosu Yuefeng Sun . Integrated Petrophysical and HighResolution Sequence Stratigraphic of Unconventional Carbonate Mudrock Reservoir Beth Vanden Berg Stephanie LeBlanc . PS RaftRelated Structures of the Albian Madiela Formation Offshore South Gabon Vernon . AV Bigger is Better Hydraulic Fracturing the Mesaverde Formation Piceance Basin by Leen Weijers Yusuf Kama Julia Shemeta and Steve Cumella of presentations from Session Microseismic Fracture Mapping Tight Reservoirs AAPG Annual Convention Click to view PDF

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Tracking the Migration of Salt Diapirs Using Halokinetic Sequence Stratigraphy Katherine Giles . Buessenschuett L


  • Jackson and Mads Huuse . PSUpdates to the Regional Geologic Map of Los Angeles x Quadrangle . Smith Brian Altheim

  • Abbott and Adam R. Holland John B

  • The Moldova Slope and Basin Development EdiacaranEarly Paleozoic Collage with Multiple Structural Overprints Bogdan . Active and Emerging Plays Paleozoic Basins Cretaceous of Rockies Click to view presentation PDF format

  • Landis . Before the Great North American Carbonate Bank Complex CambrianLower Ordovician Transgressive History Recorded in Siliciclastic Strata of Potsdam Group Southeast Laurentia David

  • Sand Development Pattern Within the PaleoceneLower Sediments Along Shelf Areas of Upper Assam BasinA Study Incorporating New Subsurface Information . Taking the Utica to its Depositional Limits Through Facies Changes and Across Entire Appalachian Illinois Michigan Basins Ralph Williams Danielle Leighton

  • Hurtado and C. Verma Chander Mohan Basudev Mukherjee

    • Mahlo Omieari Briggs and T. Medina and John . PS Development of Source Rock Kinetic Models for Fluid Property Prediction Unconventional Shale Plays Case Study from the Permian and Neuquen Basins Lucia Rodriquez Changrui Gong

  • Harrison John E. Reijmer

    • Aitzhanov D. Value of Anomalous Impossible Frequencies by Bob Hardage

    • Ecological Accommodation Key to the Interpretation of Carbonate Platform Architecture Variability by Luis Pomar and Christopher . Origin of the Giant Drake Gas Field Canadian Arctic Islands Keith Dewing

  • Drake Caleb J. Diggens

  • PS Decoding Molecular Geochemistry of Kerogen from Marcellus Shale Vikas Agrawal Shikha Sharma and Ajay Warrier . Strategic Planning the Big Picture Learning from Positive Experiences for Companies Operating Shale Plays Gary

  • Forecasting Productivity of Hydraulically Fractured Well using Detailed Mapping its Proppant Conductivity Distribution Wadood ElRabaa and Nazia Siddiqui . FoldThrust GeometriesIs There a Right Model by Robert Butler Douglas . PS Analysis of Potential Uncertainties OpeningMode Fractures through the Scanline Technique Aptian Carbonates Araripe Basin Northeast Brasil Rafael Santos Tiago Miranda Antonio Barbosa Igor Gomes Gabriel Matos Virginio Neumann Leonardo Guimaraes Julia Gale

  • Martinez Y. Separating Allogenic and Autogenic Controls SuperGreenhouse Fluvial System Piret PlinkBjorklund Lauren Birgenheier James Golab

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